I am the Storm!


For most of my life, the devil whispered in my ear, “you’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” Recently, I have been able to respond, “I am the storm!” God has equipped me to be His storm for the benefit of others.

Over time many people that know my story have casually said that I should write a book. I was skeptical for years thinking how difficult that would be. As time passed, God kept putting it on my heart to write a blog. That “thought” became more and more frequent over the past year.

Today, I acted on that prompting from God and searched how to start a blog. After my husband awoke, I excitedly told him of my ideas. He then told me that two days ago he had a clear idea come to him that I should write a blog.


Together Don and I will brainstorm and share our story. We will tell of how significant our savior, Jesus Christ, is within the story. Without Him, I would not have been able to weather any storm or become the storm.


After a vehicular accident on April 1, 2003, our entire lives were turned upside down and forever changed. Our children were 9- and 6-years-old at the time.

In the eye of the storm, I have found how to “be still” knowing that God holds me in his hands. With His love and support, I can share my story in the hopes to help others seek God. 

My purpose

I want to help others battle the storms of their lives and become their own storm against the devil. Satan caused turmoil in my life that God was able to turn around for my benefit. Through the many trials is a lesson that I can pass on to help others.

God’s mercy and grace has saved me.