Response to Mental Illness blog

Read the blog below to understand where my response is coming from.

What Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Me, And 45 Million Americans Have In Common

Thank You

Thank you, Becca, for your candid and real discussion about mental illness.

I keep my eyes open for more and more information on this debilitating subject as my daughter suffers from many of the same issues that you do. I cannot say that I “understand” what she is going through as she is definitely SMI, whereas I am AMI.

Mental Illness

The only reason I know that I am AMI is through my daughter’s help. I have learned to slow down and ask questions before just expecting her to go places with me; how to avoid crowded aisles in the grocery store and come back later; how to read her face and body language when her anxiety is high and on the verge of a panic attack; and how to just sit and wait until she is ready to tell me what she needs.

As a result, she has learned to ask for my “squeezy hug” that helps calm her body; tell me in simple terms that she “just can’t today” and we change our plans; to dealing with people and statements that trigger her anxiety and ridding herself of those triggers; to being able to got back to college and hold a part-time job (for now.)

Yearnings of a Mom

As a mom, this is not what I had envisioned for my child. My child should have finished high school in the school building, not from home; attended all the events and had all the experiences that “every” high-schooler should have. She should have gone to college at 18, completed a 4-year degree, and now be a successful adult, possibly married and have a child of her own.

But at 24-years-old, she deals with the after effects of abuse by a cousin, severe Celiac disease, endometriosis, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. She still struggles and will always struggle with these things, but with awareness and proper medical care, she has made strides.

Thank God

I thank God every day for where she has come, and curse the devil for his power over our world and the evil he places on good people like my daughter. Thank you, Becca. I have heard your words loud and clear.